View Full Version : Baxley Sport Chalks

February 13th, 2006, 09:15 AM
After seeing the baxley sport chalk 3 years ago at the Honda Hoot in Knoxville we have now purchased two for use at home.

This unit is of great quality, as I have not had the guts to try what the rep was doing (taking the bike to a 75 degree angle with no straps and letting the bike go), it continues to show stability.

I have transported two race bikes over 1000 miles serveral times, and the last few times the bike was strapped in with rear straps and two straps around the bottome of the fork tubes very lightly as a precaution.

With the Baxley Bolted to the trailer you could get by easily with just straps on the back pulling the bike forward into the Baxley. Straps up front are used just as a precaution to keep the front wheel in the baxley. This will help with reducing the chance of twisting the forks in transportation and eliminate the chance to bust fork seals.

Around the garage they are great as you can pull it in and leave it without having to try and get the rear stand on by yourself. If you need to lift the front you can pull it out of the Baxley by the rear stand easliy enough and still not have to let it down off the swingarm stand.

The patented tire locking system that baxley has over it's competitors is the key that seperates them. As you roll the bike into the baxley the bottom squeezes itself around the tire for a secure hold.

Baxley makes loading into a trailer a one person job and simple to do.