View Full Version : thinking of buying another bike

March 17th, 2008, 12:03 PM
yep thats right
I've just got a new job, and its about time that I bought a new bike.
yeah i know I have 2 already.:D

I'm keeping cb400sf for commuting to work.;)
CBR900rr for stunting or trackdays, probably trackdays as it will get more better use. :)
So i want a bike for weekend rides that is not as quick as my blade, it scares me too much on the road, (I'm still getting used to the power it makes).:pound

I've seen a very nice red 2005 CBR600RR in a local dealers for;
5200 with 5000 miles, hiss and alarm.
I will post a pic soon, but its in standard condition so you can imagine what it looks like.
Is this a good bike, are their any known problems other than the cam chain tensioner?

Thing is my mate just bought a cbr600f and i need something to that can woop his ass, and still be a 600 to be fair ( blade is a bit too fast that).

900RR Puzzle
March 18th, 2008, 09:15 AM
I got a buddy with a 2003. Sweet ride. He let me use it a couple time and I really liked it. Since I rode it last, he put a 2006 1KRR front end on it (upside down forks, radial mount calipers, radial master cyclinder). He says it handles even better now.

I was supprised at how strong it pulls, for a 600.

Good choice man.