Hey guy's,
This probably wont apply to anyone on here (it might 1% chance).
At least it might get seen here (unlike on my forum)

How to Remove the 180 kmph speed restrictor on japanese import bikes.

Because Japanese bike laws are very different from our own, they have a top speed restiction at 180kmph or 112MPH.
This is quite easy to bypass.

Basically their is a disk inside the speedometer that rotates with the speedo needle, so when it hits 180kmh it alters the ignition timing on 2 cylinders, so it cannot go faster than 180.

There are several ways to remove it, just choose which you prefer.

1. The easiest but most expensive way is to fit a MPH converter, around 30, from a local bike shop, M&P direct, or Demon Tweeks.

2. Fit a resistor in the circuit, this I will explain in the next post (2 ways). around 1 - 2 in parts.

3. Remove the disk inside the speedo, or bend the metal tab/electrical connector. ( if you can get inside, its quite difficult!) FREE.

4. buy for 40+ a box that fits in at the CDI end of the loom, with a resistor inside, from a shop, but their is no point as you can do it yourself for cheaper, using meathod no2.

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