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Thread: Jacket or No Jacket?

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    Default Re: Jacket or No Jacket?

    I've had several friends crash at speeds of over 60mph on Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh jackets, and none of them lost any skin...

    Those mesh jackets actually hold up, somehow...
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    Default Re: Jacket or No Jacket?

    I wear a jacket at the track (it's mandatory) but don't wear my pants. Few years ago I somehow forgot my jacket. Track owner let me race with just a flannel shirt. Ran my fastest time ever wearing it (5.89 @124 mph). That would've really hurt going down at that speed but it's a lil over an hour drive and I wasn't going home without making a pass. Since the birth of my daughter I've become more cautious. Don't want her growing up without a dad.
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    Always wear a riding jacket, I found out the hard way in 04. 110* and I didn't want to be too warn, Put my jacket and gloves in my backpack. I left work to go home, I made it 1/4 mile and a lady cut me off at 60+ mph. I slid 180 feet, Spent 12 hrs. in the emergency room via ambulance and received a speeding ticket to boot, I also got to enjoy the debreeding process for the next 10 days after work. I had rash on both shoulders and forearms, My knees and hips and took the end of 2 fingers on my left hand. ALWAYS WEAR A RIDING JACKET and gloves and of course a helmet, My shoei was trashed but saved the whole right side of my face and head


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    Red face Re: Jacket or No Jacket?

    I think now you do not have any doubt about a jacket or no jacket plus maybe you are interested in buying other important gears as well which could help you in saving you while bikee crash, so, therefore here are the items you could consider buying.
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    • Jackets For Men
    • Gloves
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    I hope this will help
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