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Thread: Damn I want to go back to stock!

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    Default Damn I want to go back to stock!

    I would love the ability to go back to stock unmolested fairings for my bike!!! The '99 blk/rd/wt configuration! That way I can keep my race fairings race and my street fairings street! Plus would have better light output for the street at night instead of those little bitty bastard child lights I have on it now just to make me legal...

    I am so pissed at the one guy on here who just after I crashed had a COMPLETE set of stock fairings for sale with tank for $1000.00!!! Cuz I told him all I needed to do was wait for my insurance check to come and I would have bought them off of him!!! Douche sold them on ebay even when I told him I wanted them and just had to wait! I got my check 3 days after he sold them...

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    Default Re: Damn I want to go back to stock!

    Yeah, damn him, that jerk!

    Cash and carry, my friend... Cash and carry.

    I wanna go boating again. It's been too damn long.
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