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Thread: 1996 CBR900RR no start issue

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    Default 1996 CBR900RR no start issue

    I bought a CBR900RR this past saturday, rode it all weekend, and on easter night it stopped running.

    Found melted wires under the seat from the rectifier to the stator, my battery wouldn't charge over 11 volts, and it started having some pretty strange issues i've never heard seen before.

    Presumably the rectifier is toast, BUT. When I turn the key on, the lights come on very dim of course, but when I flick the kill switch to run the RPM's jump up to like 8 grand. It doesn't make any sense to me, anyone have any experience with something like this. I will post a video and several photos of the carnage.

    Thanks in advance for the help ladies and gents.

    Cbr900rr weird issue - YouTube

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    Default Re: 1996 CBR900RR no start issue

    Needs a new stator, reg/rec, battery, and a rewire for that section of the loom.
    I would replace it all seeing that sort of damage to the wiring.

    Although on reinspection possibly water ingress could cause the green colour on the wiring.

    The only thing I can think of is the 8000rpm could be a fault code, but on a 1996 model I dont think it does that. So it may have possibly damaged more wiring.

    Sorry cant be of much more help.
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