I have gone through a few helmets in the last few weeks looking for a good fit and comfort. Got a gmax helmet for 60 bucks, not bad for the money but the external sun visor was poorly thought out. And when it was taken off the visor became even louder. Then I got a built helmet from cycle gear, LOUD and not comfy. I guess my head is more round and it was made for an oval but it was loose in some areas and tight in others. The built was also loud but maybe in part of being modular. I have in the past always gotten shoei or aria. But the wife won't let me spend 400 on a helmet that is why I have been greeting budget lids. Cycle gear has an comfort exchange, so I got a seven zero seven vendetta 3. Never heard of them but it looked well built fit my head with no pressure points and was comfy. At surface street speed was the quite more so then any other helmet I have had. At freeway speed was not much louder. Ventilation may not be the best but it is not bad and I think it helps with the noise. I like that it has a interior sun visor and is a smart looking helmet. Just wanted to give you all my thoughts on this brand as it is a very nice sub 200 dollar helmet.