I have recently posted to the last full-featured thread on the topic (LOCATED HERE) to no replies, so I thought I'd try again here. Apologies to those of you who have seen loads of threads on this. I have as well, but data/info falls short on the small but necessary parts.

In the former thread, lambchops breaks it down as follows: "You can swap the frontend from a 929 or 954 right over, I used 929 yokes then cbr1000rr 2005 forks within those yokes and it all works great. Advantage with 1000rr forks is you get the radial calipers."

So far, I have acquired all of my parts based on that thread:
* TOP YOLK for 929
* RC51 sp1 front wheel
* CBR 929 lower triple and stem
* CBR 929 front wave rotors
* CBR 1000RR forks (04-07)
* CBR 1000RR fork seal kit
* CBR 1000RR front fender
* R6 Monoblock calipers
* SS brake lines

I'm hoping someone might be able to direct me in terms of bearings, spacers, collars, etc. Needing to clarify the following:
* Which steering stem bearings am I looking for (cbr900 head bearings)?
* Which wheel bearings/collars am I looking for?
* Which axel should I be using (RC51, 929)?
* Anyone do this setup or could guess on spacer/collars machined to center the hub?
* Anyone so this setup or could guess on spacer/collars machined to center rotors in the forks/calipers?

THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ AND ADVISE!!! Was hoping to attached a few images of my projects bikes, but I do not yet have permission to do so.