Did this a few years ago in 2012 and then updated a few years later.

Originally it made me feel a bit 'perched' on the bike as the rear end is quite high on the standard 'Blade and also the forward slope of the seat caused me to be constantly sliding down into the tank which required a strategically placed piece of foam at the front of the seat to prevent. So I modified the rear suspension linkage plates and dropped the back end by at least 1.5" and this was a huge improvement. The whole stance of the bike looks better, the seat is flatter and not only more comfortable, but also no more sliding forward all the time. However, the handling and ground clearance...

NO problem. Steering feels no heavier and as far as I can tell, still as stable as it ever was at over 130 mph (not tried in the UK, obviously officer) and even when not hanging about I have been unable to scrape the footpegs. Bearing in mind this is specifically a ROAD bike. On the track both steering and clearance might be an issue, but on the road I can discern no detrimental effect. No effect at all in fact, apart from the improved look and increased comfort.

Hats off to Honda who made such a stunningly tidy motorcycle that it looks this good with the fairings removed. The only 'tidying up' I did was to slacken the coolant hose clamps and rotate them so the screw was hidden behind the hose. That's it. All in all an amazing bike. All the performance of the FireBlade (feels even faster, for obvious reasons) but very comfortable, even for my ageing bones.

One final point. I did this to a bike I bought brand new for the sole purpose of converting it to a naked 'roadster'. It was not a crash inflicted repair. I knew what I wanted, Honda didn't make it, so I made my own and I have no intention of selling it.