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Thread: 96-97 cbr900 vs 98-99 fairings

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    Default 96-97 cbr900 vs 98-99 fairings

    New to the page I've got a 96 cbr900rr but I bought it needing fairings but I do know for whatever reason that the 98-99 fairings are different can anyone tell me how an if they'll fit right, they are cheaper for 98-99

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    Default Re: 96-97 cbr900 vs 98-99 fairings

    The big difference between the 96-97 and 98- style fairings is the front upper, windshield, headlights, fairing stay, and gauge cluster bracket. I am fairly confident that the mids and bottom fairings are compatible. The whole tail assembly is completely different too.

    I was in a similar situation and ultimately decided that it was less expensive to stay with the correct fairings for the year since there was a lot of other items which are either hard to find or overpriced which are necessary for the conversion.

    Also, only the 96-97 bikes have the dual vented tail... Looks like shark gills.
    93-95 bottom fairings have the holes for "stability"
    The 93-95 fairing stay attached to the outside of the frame, whereas the 96-97 bike attaches to the fuel tank mounting bolts up front.
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    Default Re: 96-97 cbr900 vs 98-99 fairings

    Welcome and congrats.

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