Hello everyone! I ride a 1994 HondaCBR900 that I purchased new. It is not only the best bike I've ever owned, but is indeed my favorite vehicle that I've ever owned (followed reasonably closely by the 1969 Charger R/T SE that I never should have sold.....but I guess we've all got some of those stories!
The problem I am having with my CBR is a problem I've had with some other vehicles, that I keep them so long the parts become obsolete. I recently purchased front brake rotors, which I had to buy aftermarket. In the past I had EBC brake pads for a period of time, but they were noisy. I went back to OEM pads which were much better, but unfortunately they now seem to be impossible to get. I am wondering if anyone has had favorable experience with any type of aftermarket brake pads. I need to install new pads to go with the new rotors, but it's impossible to know who makes a compound that most closely matches stock pads. Experience is probably the only way to know
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Ralph Halvorsen