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    1994 Honda CBR900

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    Hello everyone! I ride a 1994 HondaCBR900 that I purchased new. It is not only the best bike I've ever owned, but is indeed my favorite vehicle that I've ever owned (followed reasonably closely by the 1969 Charger R/T SE that I never should have sold.....but I guess we've all got some of those stories!
    The problem I am having with my CBR is a problem I've had with some other vehicles, that I keep them so long the parts become obsolete. I recently purchased front brake rotors, which I had to buy aftermarket. In the past I had EBC brake pads for a period of time, but they were noisy. I went back to OEM pads which were much better, but unfortunately they now seem to be impossible to get. I am wondering if anyone has had favorable experience with any type of aftermarket brake pads. I need to install new pads to go with the new rotors, but it's impossible to know who makes a compound that most closely matches stock pads. Experience is probably the only way to know
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


    Ralph Halvorsen

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    There are three main pad compound options for theses bikes.


    Organic pads are quiet at all(most) temps and will cause the least amount of wear on the rotors so the rotors will last longer, however theses pads do not last as long as the other options here so they require closer monitoring and will produce a LOT more dust. Also they are the lowest performing pads and can fade badly when hot from agressive riding.

    Sintered pads are closest to or are stock equivalent and have decent bite, fade resistance, and temperature range...these can be a little noisy when cold but that will go away quickly when riding.

    Ceramic pads have the most heat resistance but are super noisy when cold, and will grind away at the rotors more than the other two, but will have the best high temperature performance as well as the best "feel"

    Be sure you completely flush all the brake fluid as well, not just what is in the cup... Put a good, high quality fluid in and flush it every 3-4months to maintain optimal performance.

    Have fun, and welcome to the forum (from one newbie to another)
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