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Thread: Hey all. 99 owner here.

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    Default Hey all. 99 owner here.

    Glad to find a forum about these bikes. I have a 99 bumblebee basically bonestock with an old erion racing exhaust. My bike is damn near spotless except some scratches on my right side logos. Would love to find some and get some tips on any useable semi-permanant mods. Bike will be with me until I die. Not gonna ruin it's originality.

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    Default Re: Hey all. 99 owner here.

    Welcome to The Zone. Reading about your bumblebee is fine, but pics are mandatory.

    Things have been slow here for quite a while, but many of the members have superb knowledge and experience. Learn how to use the search function and you can find answers to almost any questions.

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    Default Re: Hey all. 99 owner here.

    Oh boy have you come to the right site. I to used to have a 99 but the black one. I would change the gearing with 1 down on the front sprocket & up 2 on the rear.

    Welcome to the family
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