Hi everyone
I have just bought my first blade, last of the carb models as a restoration project
It is a 1999 honda fireblade cbr900rr 919cc
It has been sitting out side under cover for the last 3 years and needs what looks like some minor issues doing.
my main problem is coil and lead related,
i replaced the fuel in the tank, drained and clean carbs (not ultrasonic clean, carb cleaner cleaned) new plugs and battery.
i tied firing her up and after a while she started but sounded like she was running on 1 poss 2 cylinders.
I am thinking the coils at this stage are faulty.
does anyone know the resistance of the coils and leads.
i stripped the coils, leads and plugs down to clean them and found some gunk and corrosion on them. after a clean i get the following resistances.
coil 1 is 3.4 ohms to 3.5 on the primary side which from what i read is about right
coils 2 is about the same
secondary side with leads and plug caps on is about 25.3 on both, i think this is a bit high, poss indicating corrosion somewhere.
can someone confirm
i don't have any manuals and a lot of work is done with the help of google,
any help will be appreciated.