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Thread: Fuel and tank breather tube replacements

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    Default Fuel and tank breather tube replacements

    Hello, I recently purchased a CBR900 1992 model and noticed that a few things are missing that I would like to put right. The fuel pump is missing and the fuel tank breather tube. I have bought a new pump and filter but some tubes are not available any more (16954MW0000, 16955MW0000, 17532MW0000). Can anybody recommend fuel tubes and tank breather tubes to buy? I have not found any info on the exact diameter of the tubes or what material they are.

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    Default Re: Fuel and tank breather tube replacements

    Hmmm. I have a 92 bike and took the fuel pump off after it failed. I've not noticed any reduction in range (the pump is there because the bottom of the tank is supposedly too low to get all the fuel through the carbs by gravity) though I never go too far when onto reserve before a visit to a garage.
    Why not just leave it off?
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