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Thread: CBR900RR with CBR1000RR 04-07 swingarm

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    Default CBR900RR with CBR1000RR 04-07 swingarm

    I have a 1995 CBR900 and I am changing the whole look for Fireblade 2006 (06-07) and I will change the front and rear as well. The original swingarm is 252mm (260mm round) while the CBR1000RR 04-07 swingarm is 274mm (280mm round), which are the same measurements as the VRF800 2000 and also, from what I saw, the CBR929 / 954. The swingarm length of the 1000RR is about 25mm longer. Soon the distance between the wheels will increase slightly, but it is negligible (considering that the current gives way over time, given a point they would be equivalent - original x custom).

    Conversion Advantages:
    - Use rim 6.25 "
    - Use the original CBR1000RR curves below the seat.
    - Aesthetically more modern.

    Adaptations and challenges:
    - Chain alignment (if necessary use a washer between chain pinion and motor housing)
    - Cut / machine a 14-15mm piece on the right side of the swingarm pivot (where it fits the frame axis).
    - Adapt the original CBR900 20mm shaft to the CBR1000 25mm standard. OR use new bearings OR create their own custom spacers. Whatever's easier ... I'll see ...
    - Convert the CBR1000RR link system by splitting into two independent rods to hug the frame fitting (prolink x unit prolink system).

    Technical details:
    * Swingarm shaft: 20mm thickness;
    * Pivot Length: 252mm;
    * Shock absorber system: Pro-Link dogbone;

    CBR1000 04-07
    * Swingarm shaft: 25mm thickness;
    * Pivot Length: 274mm;
    * Shock absorber system: Unit Pro-Link no dogbone;

    Other easier solutions:
    Using the CBR1000RR 08-16 swingarm I will not need to make any cuts or adjustments. The Unit Pro-Link system uses a dogbone and has the 260mm embracing framework. The only change that would be made is to change the pivot bearings to support the 20mm shaft OR create spacers for the original 20mm shaft to become 25mm. However ... already had a rough scrap from 2006. For those who are already f ** ed .. I'm from 04-06 even!
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