hi guys.
please bear with me on this one.
taking my beloved bike out of storage after a bad accident to myself not the bike i decided to give her a tidy up before selling her.
i noticed the front fork seal dust caps cracked and split so bought new ones thinking the oil seals were ok as it was in dry storage and no leaks.
removed the forks and took off the dust caps and saw huge amounts of rust in the oil seals and splitting, still no leaks but im not chancing leaving them.
i have seen the OFFICIOL way to change the seals is stripping the whole for down and i have seen a video removing the oil nut on the bottom and draining the oil from there>
then pulling the fork out together with the old seal, cleaning the fork and reassembly , filling new fork oil from the bottom again.

Now is this possible to do, is there any disadvantages doing like this .
how much fork oil do i need, i read 19fl oz per fork. not sure how true.

im in a wheelchair now due to the unrelated accident so cant ride her anymore
but want to save as much as i can, just spent a fortune on powder coating wheels, new brakes and discs service stuff , carb rebuild kit, jets etc
i am a fairly confident diy mechanic but never done fork seals before , so need some advice what to do.
thanks guys

1999 honda cbr900 fireblade 919cc