Alright hope this takes me somewhere. I have a ‘98 900rr 919 motor. I bought bike to work on over the winter bought a motor to put on completed all of that. Now after putting motor in I got it wired and running small vacuum issues to begin with got those lined out. Went to ride next day and got about a mile down the road and it sputters out and dies no smoke or anything just died, won’t start/tried to roll start but the wheel just slides. So after pulling starter and giving it power starter operates as it should. Next thing someone says could be hydro locked so I pulled plugs and tried to push bike not turning over or fluids coming out. Battery is good, starter is good, starter relay is good, clutch operates as it should. I took timing cover off and clutch cover to see internals a little better. No metal or anything noticeably out of place. I have a spare motor with pistons valves etc so tons of parts extra just wondering before going into the motor what else I need to do to diagnose or any helpful tips would be great