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I am new to the riding stuff, riding for the last 3 years, recently upgraded to 1000RR, and so far what I have learned is you must have luggage to carry the things. I have searched on the web and found a few websites which have what I am looking for. And What I am looking for is to have a tail bag that can fit a few things, like the med kits, tool kits, a pair of jeans, and a few papers. Initially, I was into the tank bags but dropped the idea as it could hinder my riding positions on highways so I opt for the tail bag.

Here are some which I like on the internet., ,

It's my first purchase so just wanted to ask the experts here which would one they would prefer. spent every last cent to upgrade from 600rr to the 1000rr so don't want to mess it up. Please share your choice, experience, and the buying links if possible.

Note: I have to ride it every day for about 20 miles to my work. One more thing, How can I change my profile DP and add images?

And thanks in advance for the help.